Automotive radar sensors


A frequency-modulated continuous-wave radar (FMCW)  uses a voltage controlled oscillator to generate a sweep signal. The Tx/Rx-mixed signal (beat frequency) is analysed by a window FFT to get the ranges to all obstacles.



Result of one FFT:


2D / 3D:
For 3D measurements, an antenna matrix is used:
automotive_radar2 automotive_radar1


  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) / Distanz
  • Lange Change Assist / Spurwechsel Assistent



  • Continental ARS308
  • Continental ARS3-A (BMW F)
  • Continental ARS410DP (A0009053607) (Mercedes)
  • Bosch LRR2
  • Bosch LRR3SCU (4G0 907 541) (Audi A6, A7), (0203300193) (Mercedes X117-GLA)
  • Bosch MRR1Rear (4M0 907 566) (Audi Q7 4M A4 S4 8W SWA)
  • Bosch MRR1Plus (4G0 907 561 D, A) (Golf7 Sportsvan, Audi A6 4G)
  • TRW Autocruise AC20 (3AA907567, 3C0907567H) (VW Passat)
  • TRW Autocruise AC10
  • Distronic ACC A2059005918 (Mercedes Benz GLC 253)
  • Hella (kd49-67y80a) Mazda CX-5
  • Hella (GHP967Y80C) Mazda 3, 5, 6
  • Hella SWA SG2 (8K0907566B) (Audi A4 S4 RS4 8K)
  • xxxx (ag9n-9g853-cb) (2011 Ford Mondeo Titanium MK4)

Software protocol:

Automotive radar sensors use the CAN bus to allow the vehicle main control unit (MCU) to control the device or receive data from it.






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