Wurlitzer Jukebox Repair Service

Repair, Restauration, Troubleshooting & more

Jukebox Repair

No matter if your Deutsche Wurlitzer Jukebox just doesn’t play anymore or needs restoration
we know how to troubleshoot and repair it professionally.

With Jukeboxes from Deutsche Wurlitzer we have experience over 20 years (thanks to former Deutsche Wurlitzer service-employee Dietmar Grau) and know how to repair them professionally.

Wurlitzer Jukebox models we can repair:
Lyric (C/CL/M/E/F/S etc.), Carillon, Atlanta, Tarock, C110/C111/C112/C115/C120, Baltic, X2,X5,X7, Niagara, Estrella, Diana, SL700/SL800, OMT, Fuego, Carnegie, New York, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Rainbow, Rave On, Princess, Johnny One Note, Classic 2100, Peacock, Lyra, Wallboxes, …and more!

20 years of Jukeboxes know-how and experience…
Dietmar Grau repairs Jukeboxes and has been working over 20 years for Deutsche Wurlitzer (service department in Hüllhorst, Germany).

Here you can contact former Deutsche Wurlitzer employee Dietmar Grau:

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We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Here’s our Wurlitzer spare part database:

Wurlitzer spare part database

The driving belt of your Wurlitzer Princess ‘paternoster book’ is broken? Then this could be your solution!

NEW:  Display for your Wurlitzer Princess (CD browser display)

  • This display replaces the original mechanical Princess CD browser
  • Easy-to-install (plug & play)
  • Scan your CD covers with your camera/phone and store them on memory card (SD) – then plug SD card into display
  • Play your song titles with a button press on your Wurlitzer Princess!
  • Additional feature: choose song titles for playing via your phone

new_icon       wurlitzer_princess_display