Software Developer Job Description

About Company

Grau GmbH is in the field of software and hardware development since 2006. We develop the key products of our company, data recovery software, very successfully.

Skills and Programming Knowledge


Work with our small development team to develop, maintain and modify our application suite consisting of data recovery software and related programs.

(1) Good Borland Delphi or FreePascal/Lazarus knowledge and programming experience or willing to learn a new, modern OO-Pascal dialect
(2) Ability to learn existing software architectures, design new architectures and write code based on a conceptional description of the programming logic.
(3) Data structures and algorithms (B+tree, hash table, skip lists etc.) – in-depth knowledge and experience

(1) Must be okay with fixing bugs in other people’s code. Must be good at finding and fixing bugs.
(2) Test and develop programming modifications
(3) Knowledge on design patterns (singleton, composite,observer etc.) and refactoring
(4) Knowledge on OO design principles

(1) Develop specifications (UML or conceptional description)

(1) Good communication and becoming a team member
(2) C/C++ skills
(3) Win32 and MacOS OS X APIs – experience
(4) SQL skills
(5) MS Windows, Mac OS X – experience


Basic knowledge of Java, HTML, CSS


Three plus years of proven experience in actual work with the majority of listed programming languages and technologies.


No degree in computer sciences is required. Engineering/math degree is a plus.

Job Requirements

Ability to develop software based on the description of business logic.
Ability to work and produce required results without close supervision.
Motivated individuals may work from the privacy of their own home – 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (12:00-1:00 break).
The payment is based on negotiations.

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