Hardware & Software Development



You have an idea or a special requirement – we bring it to live! Our economical hardware & software invention, prototyping and development services  cover the complete development process including system analysis and the conception via implementation and documentation. Prototypes for microcontrollers and embedded devices (Atmel, STM32, STC etc.), smart phone and tablet devices (iPad, iPhone, Android etc.) and PCs  show the range of our possibilities.

  • Hardware/electronics prototyping (microcontroller, PC, Arduino, Android, iPhone, etc.)
    • Atmel, ARM, Intel, Siemens, etc.
    • interfacing sensors (ultrasonic, gyro, GPS, etc.) and actuators (motors, relais etc.)
    • Protocol development (example: device CAN bus protocol reverse engineering)
    • Interface development
    • prototyping schematics, PCB etc.
    • programming (C/C++, Assembler, etc.)
  • Application prototyping (Android/Windows/Mac OS X/platform indepedant)
    • In several languages (C/C++, Javascript, Lua, Freepascal, Objective-C, Ruby, Python, Java, etc.)
    • using standard industry frameworks (J2SE, .NET, Win32, Cocoa, QT, OpenGL, SWT, VCL, JNI, etc.)
  • Web-based prototyping (client and server solutions)
    • Content (HTML/CSS/JSP, etc.)
    • Data transfer (XML/XSLT, etc.)
    • Databases
    • Web services
    • Using different languages (Javascript, PHP, Java, Ruby, Perl, etc.)


Example projects:

Autonomous robotic lawn mower with cm-precise mowing

  • GPS-based (cm-precise) mowing
  • arbitrary shapes and mowing patterns
  • automatic mapping path layout in complex scenarios
  • shortest-path finding with obstacle avoidance
  • arbitrary clearance distance to perimeter and obstacles
  • autopilot-software adjustable to other robot hardware (e.g. riding mowers, golf mowers, seed and plant robots), different types of steerings like differential wheel steering or ackerman steering and path planning and tracking

Path planning for larger robots (golf course, park, private garden etc.)

Path planning for small robots

Ground obstacle detection (obstacles, animals, humans) in sunlight – robot stops when obstacle detected

Ground obstacle detection (obstacles, animals, humans) in darkness – left side shows RGB image, right side shows depth image and detections. Works at day and night.


More examples of inventions & prototypes:

  • RTK GPS-based (cm precise) robotic mower using off-the-shelf components and automatic mapping of mowing pathes (Piksi Multi RTK GPS, LeddarTech LiDAR, Raspberry PI)
  • Electric car battery diagnostic device for your smart phone (iPhone, Android)
  • GRAU BASIC interpreter for testing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices (Android)
  • CAN bus logger, GPS tracker, GSM remote control (all in one device)
  • Bosch Indego Web Interface (Javascript, all devices)
  • Ardumower robotic mower firmware (ATMEGA2560)
  • ArduRemote remote control for robotic mower (Android)
  • Tianchen robotic mower alternative firmware (STC 8051)
  • Vision-based robot mower localization and vision-based robot perimeter (Android)
  • Ultra-wide band localization and mapping (Arduino/PC)
  • LidarLite LiDAR 2D realtime localization and mapping (SLAM) (Arduino/PC)
  • SmartThermo external thermometer (Android)
  • TangoAnywhere – Vision-based localization on any device
  • ArduMag MEMS 3-axis magnetometer calibration (Android)
  • Arduino-based CD-ROM (ATAPI) interface
  • Activation and license system (web server & PC/Mac)
  • Photovoltaic solar power plant
  • Brekkomat (cat food machine)
  • DIY-HOTT-GPS (for Graupner R/C flight model telemetry system)
  • R/C flight model gyro controller (PID)
  • OBD (KW1281 protocol) app (PC/Arduino)
  • PC/Mac screen magnifier controlled by button interface
  • Robotic lawn mower controller (ATMEGA)
  • Battery logger app (Palm, WinCE, iPhone)
  • Obstacle detection using stereo camera vision (MATLAB)
  • Obstacle detection using optical flow (MATLAB)
  • USB camera-based ball tracking (PC)
  • Arduino-based spectrum analyzer
  • Arduino-based modulator and demodulator (for FM radios)
  • Arduino interface for Honeywell Rondostat (HR-20) radiator thermostat
  • Online music web-streaming app (Ruby)
  • Airplane simulator (PC) for in-the-loop PID controller testing
  • GUI scripting language (Lua-based) for iPhone, WinCE, PC, Mac
  • USB push button interface (PC/Mac)
  • RAW camera viewer  (PC)
  • Talking web bot (Flash-based)
  • All-in-one MP3 player BIOS firmware (PC)



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