MaxDataGenius – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: I am analyzing a 1 TB hard drive. It says will take 6.5 days to complete and the time keeps going up – not down. How to speed up this process?

Answer:  Please take the following measures to speed up the scan process:
– make sure your disk is connected to a USB 3.0 (and not 2.0) port (the USB 3.0 ports have a blue contact).
check only the filesystems you really used on the disk.
mdg_scan_optionsI.e. if you know that the disk was formatted with NTFS, check only NTFS. In this case you should also uncheck “Collect only root items in Formatted Scan (only NTFS)” in the options to collect as many NTFS structures as possible.
– especially the RAW filesystem takes much scanning time. However if you are unsure regarding the used filesystem, check RAW as it scans the disk without considering filesystems structures.
– use a machine with a fast CPU (Core i7 or equivalent) for recovery
– if you know that the recovery disk has bad blocks, please create an image and store it on a new disk having at least the same or larger capacity than the recovery disk.
Detecting bad blocks can be done with the integrated Disk Diagnostics:
1.) Scan the whole disk
2.) Open the options and take a look at the bad blocks list.
If any bad blocks are found, save the bad blocks list and reload it whenever you try to recover data from the recovery disk.

Question: I have recovered some MP4 videos, however almost none of them play?

Answer: After recovering MP4 files, it is often necessary to repair them. Try out our Video Repair Software for this purpose.

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