Self programmable USB Push Button – trigger any action you want in Windows, OS-X and Linux!


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pushbutton1   operatingsystems

  • Industrial quality: 1 million button presses life time!
  • Simulates keyboard, gamepad and joystick devices with a single button
    Supported keyboard layouts: ENGLISH, GERMAN LATIN1/CP1252 (other layouts on demand)
  • Example: suspend/resume your PC with a button press
  • Works for Windows, Mac, Linux (no driver required – fully plug&play)
  • New: 280cm cable length (instead of 170cm=old version)


  • Exhibitons, fairs and shows:
    Let the customer trigger/start a demonstration video of your product. Due to the heavy-vandalism-protected robust design of the button thousands of customers can trigger it without destroying your demonstration computer/tablet.
  • Powerpoint presentation for customers:
    Let your customers cycle through your presentation without typing any unwanted keys/ disrupting the presentation cycle (i.e. press space via button/customer trigger; at the end of the slideshow auto-restart the presentation)
  • Type ANY key-combination (i.e. Windows+D for desktop, Windows+R + application execution, CTRL-ALT-ESC for taskmanager)
  • Send whole strings/words, i.e. “Happy Birthday!”
  • DJ function: mute/unmute your sound, set volume higher or lower (also in several steps=fade in/out)
  • Immediate sleep/wakeup of your computer to protect it from other views:
    On first press the machine sleeps within 1-2 seconds and gets back on the following press.
  • Type sequences of different key-combinations

usermanual Product Flyer

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Small quantities can also be purchased via Marotronics online shop:   marotronics

1 piece (delivery time is 3 days from purchase):

1 x pushbutton_red USB Push Button (red) : 99 EUR + tax   

1 x pushbutton_black USB Push Button (black) : 99 EUR + tax

1 x pushbutton_green USB Push Button (green) : 99 EUR + tax

Buy 10 pieces or more?

Do not hesitate to contact us for getting discount rates.


usermanual User manual

The user manual describes how to configure the button.

Click here for user manual/detailed information/firmwares.





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