CAN logger, GPS tracker, GSM remote control – all in one device

A standalone CAN bus logger, GPS tracker and GSM remote control – all in one device!

  • Monitor & log CAN bus data and GPS data
    • For all vehicles and devices with a CAN bus (up to 1 MBit): Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen Group, General Motors, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Fiat Chrysler, Renault, Group PSA, Suzuki, Daimler, BMW, Mazda, BAIC, Dongfeng Motor, Geely, Great Wall, Zhidou, BYD, Zotye, BAIC,  Tazzari, FINE Mobile,   etc.
  • Integrated LCD with backlight, perfectly readable in both direct sun-light and in darkness
  • Integrated 6 push buttons for menu navigation (SELECT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, RESET)
  • micro SD card support
  • integrated GPS receiver
  • integrated GSM module – send SMS on custom events (e.g. battery full/low etc.)
  • USB socket for updating firmware
  • EEPROM for permanently storing small amount of data (SD card for storing larger data amount)
  • Software and menu structure fully customizable, even to ‘exotic’ vehicles and devices with CAN bus – adjustable to your own monitor & logging solution (GPS tracking, vehicle log, battery logger, trip counter etc.)
  • Adjustable power and CAN connector (power & CAN data via OBD socket or something else)
  • Low power consumption (100 mA @ 12V)
  • Web interface for viewing and analyzing SD card logging data
  • Ready-assembled in a black case
  • Also, this is the right device for diagnostics, product analysis, test purposes and development.


Example case:


Example menu structure:


Example logging data (CSV file):

  • GPS date & time
  • GPS vehicle position (longitude, latitute)
  • GPS vehicle speed (km/h)
  • GPS distance traveled (km)
  • CAN battery voltage (Volt)
  • CAN engine speed (RPM)
  • CAN engine load (%)
  • CAN engine torque (Nm)
  • CAN engine coolant temperature (degree Celsius)
  • CAN intake air temperature (degree Celsius)
  • CAN vehicle fuel level (%)
  • CAN error codes
  • …and more

Web-based CAN log viewer (CSV file viewer):

Are you interested in customization of our ready CAN/GPS monitor, analysis, diagnostics, logging, HMI solution? We can customize this device to your requirements even for small quantities – Please ask us for a quote (German or English). Prices starting at 200 EUR (depending on features and quantities). Please let us know:

  • your required vehicle type or the specific device
  • required quantities

Available customized versions of our CAN Logger:


Tazzari CAN Logger

(Click for more details)


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